Friday, March 1, 2019

1332 Mokelumne Antioch CA 94531

Our current rental residence at 1332 Mokelumne Drive, Antioch CA 94531. A 5 BR house w/ 3-car garage, family room, 3 baths. We are downsizing significantly, and it will be the equivalent of a 3 BR house move. No basement.

Garage is currently a mess as we sort through items to sell or discard. Small chest freezer not going. 2 bikes going. Plastic shelves not going. Small workbench not going. Usual mechanical and garden tools going.

  Front room:
The digital baby grand piano will be sold or donated, and is not going. Below: front room sofa, loveseat, chair, end tables, coffee table and carpet all going.

 Family room:
Going in the move: leather sofa, couch, recliner, end table, coffee table, TV, bookcases, corner drawing table & Director's chair all going.

Small glass top kitchen table & 4 wicker chairs going. Kitchen appliances not going.

Below: Upstairs TV room, faux leather chair & ottoman not going. Small minifridge in the corner going. Small end table going.

Washer and dryer are going.

Front spare BR. Bed not going.Small dresser and wicker chair going.

Bobby's spare BR "office" going. Except for computer printer table and 3 shelf small bookcase.

Cheryl's spare BR "office." Going. Except for computer desk. Cheryl's ofc unit was originally joined in one loft room in our former home .as a "his/hers" office. Three office chairs going total.

Downstairs unused spare BR, bed and end table going.

 We are only taking our bamboo queen mattress from the Master BR, along with red footlocker and standing mirror/jewelry unit (have no photos yet). One small single fold-up bed going.

When we moved from Las Vegas to CA in 2013, we had 29 boxes of books. We are culling the books down to 10-12 boxes, max. We have three 7' x 3' bookcases, one 6' x 2' bookcase, one 6' x 3' DVD bookcase, and a small 2-shelf 3' wide DVD bookcase. DVDs are all packed, five 1.5 cu ft small boxes. 1 computer printer table, one small 3-shelf bookcase in Bobby's ofc not going. Total of 3 HDTVs flat screens going, one 47" and two 27". One 27" desktop iMac going, one 27" monitor going, one large Canon photoprinter and 1 small Canon MMX-880 inkjet printer going.

Lamps: table lamps (7), floor lamps (4).

Two interior vacuum cleaners, one shopvac going.

Four guitars, three elec. basses, and one banjo going, all in cases. They all have collapsible metal stands. Three small guitar amplifies going.

We are selling or donating our dining room and master BR furniture. 

The usual inventory of boxed-up clothnig, linens, utensils, and small appliances going. Wicker clothes hamper going.

Total framed wall hangings, (photos and paintings, various sizes), approximately 16.

Small child's rocker and abacus going. Metal glass top foyer table going.

More detail to come.

702-283-1355 (Bobby), 702-283-7835 (Cheryl)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Digital baby grand piano for sale

It's a Kohler. 88 keys. Black finish. Electronics by Korg. Full complement of instruments and effects. MIDI interface. Sounds wonderful. Ten years old, pristine condition. Bought it new when we moved into this house, mostly for the look.

I'm moving to California soon and will have no room for it.

Make a reasonable offer. Email me.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Stellar Walnut Creek Weekend

Friday night we attended a retirement dinner cruise for one of the founders of Cheryl's company, ITSI Gilbane, Dev Shukla. Amazing.

Then, yesterday (June 1st), we went to the Walnut Creek Arts and Wine Festival. My friend Rick Stevens was appearing with Lydia Pense and Cold Blood. The temp reached a reported 100F. EMTs were busy hauling off the fallen.

I drank more beer than I've had in a couple years. :)

Random photo essay follows.

The backstory


Walnut Creek Arts and Wine Festival. We walked down and back from/to Cheryl's place just up the other side of Muir Hospital.

The Ace of Spades and The Ace of Clubs from the 60's North Beach "Four of a Kind"

Lydia Pense

It was a Dawg Day.

A real photographer, Doug Trost. Size matters. He was sportin'' a Sony Alpha 77 with an f2.5 tele lense, grrrr.r...

Dr, Rock! 

Chris Snyder of Finding Stella

Interesting, a back "live view" panel "boot." She was shooting with a hoss of a Canon. Didn't get her name.



I have a lot more shots. I'll get around to posting them. Oh, here's one. The most interesting woman onstage.

I just "retired" to move back over to the Bay Area and be with my sweetie. Wrote my "retirement manifesto song" a week ago. It just fell out of my head (click image to enlarge).